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How to get more Traffic to a Website

Getting more traffic to your website is vital for your online success!

And while most would agree on this statement, only few people actually know, how to do it. This is especially strange, because there are so many methods, free and paid, to get more visitors to your website. It is always nice, to have a chic design on your new website, but if no one sees it, what's the point?

Organic / Free Methods

The first step when getting traffic to your website should always be the organic, also called free methods. Even though, they are not really free at all. Someone has to do them. So whether it is you, who does it, or you delegate that task to us, it costs time and therefore money. The reason, why it is still called 'free' is, that you invest the time or money once, and you don't have to pay for every visitor to your website.

Content, Content, Content
The best way to get traffic in the long run is by putting superb content on your website. If you do this for some time, then the effects will last for months, sometimes even years to come. Every good article pulls in new people every day through the search engines and pays for itself over time.

Social Media Postings
Depending on your group of customers and your products, postings on social media can be a very good source of traffic for your website. A strategy is needed and it should be aligned with your website, but then, every new post brings in new visitors.

In the Business-2-Business field, LinkedIn is a valuable source of visitors for your website. Do it right (or have it done right) ensures, that new people check out your profile and your website. And if they see something they like, you might have a new customer very quickly.

Offline Methods
It is pretty funny, that good old offline methods get forgotten. If they are performed well, then they pay out very good, be it classical advertising or an interesting direct approach.

Paid Traffic

Paying customer to have a look at your website sounds strange to many people. But that is actually the business model, that Google and Facebook use, to harvest billions of Dollars every year! Basically there are 2 different methods: Pay per Click and Pay per View. The 2 biggest programs in Pay per Click are Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

Google AdWords
When Google invented AdWords in 2000 it was not really understood by most people. But that changed quickly and turned the program itself and Google into that huge success, they are today. Pay per Click means, that you pay a few cents every time a future customer clicks on a paid link in Google. The program works quite well and is not too difficult to set up. However! If not done right, the click prices reach astronomical heights, like 2, 3 or even 5 dollars per click! When you calculate, that maybe only 1 per cent buys something, it means, that you might pay a few hundred dollars for every new customer.

Facebook Ads
The principle of Facebook Ads is similar to Google AdWords, with the difference, that Facebook knows their customers way better, than Google does. It is therefore possible, to address a very specific group of people trough Facebook. But the same applies here: If not done right, it is difficult to reach a Return on Investment.

Other programs
But it does not stop at Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. While they are the best known ones, they are not necessarily the best choice. Before spending an excessive amount of money, it might be wise to talk about it with me beforehand.