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A little but dirty secret, in terms of Google and search terms / keywords are the so-called Exact Match Domain Names (EMD). What does this mean and why is that important to you? Quite simple: An EMD contains the most important keyword, respectively the most important search term, in the domain name. And Google loves that!

For example, if you are looking for Hotels, the domain name has a huge advantage just because it contains the word 'Hotels'. Although Google has changed its strategy on this factor several times, it is still a major factor when it comes to the results. Forbes magazine has just written about it again in a very interesting article.

We have always considered this important aspect in our strategy. And that's why we have a large portfolio of extremely interesting domain names! And now you can benefit from it too!

Domain Name:

Special Price: US$ 570.00     ( Normal Price: US$ 1,140.00 )

If you are interested in buying this domain, please contact us by phone or email. We speak english. We are experienced domain traders. We provide everything you need for a smooth transaction, from contract to handing over your purchased domain. We do it all here inhouse and you can be assured of a professional work flow. The price we make is fix. Since we are located in Germany, we calculate the price in EUR. If you want to pay in US$, the conversion is being done on the day of purchase. The stated price in the listing is only approximate for your convenience. There are no additional costs or fees. We make it easy and a pleasure to do business with us. If you want to buy through Sedo, then this is also possible, if the link is active. With them you can also purchase the domain fully anonymously, if you wish to do that.

Don't feel like buying right now? Rent it for some time to try it! – Monthly rent: US$ 95.76

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