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This is where most businesses get tripped up!

And I see this again and again. And the strangest thing is, that the businesses, who mess this up, are not really the ones to blame! Because they think, they do everything the right way. And while they are doing it the wrong way, everyone is cheering at them and assuring them, that this is the right thing to do. And this is, how it goes so often:

A company, lets call them Company-X decides, it is time for them, to take part in the big internet success. And then they look for the right way to do it and most of the time find one of the big website companies or advertising companies to make a website for them.

Then they spend thousands on their new and shiny website, which was designed by a hip web designer on his shiny Mac computer. And the website looks so awesome with all the flashy pictures and widgets and stuff on it, linked to the Facebook page and Instagram and what not. And everyone at Company-X is happy to show their future customers, how great Company-X is. They show their new office, the cars they have and their neatly looking staff.

And they wait for the many new clients, who are so impressed, that they call and throw money at Company-X.

But - nothing happens...

And then they spend even more money on the latest shiny objects (Shiny Object Syndrome) and still nothing.

Which leads to the result, that Company-X thinks, the internet is not working for them - too bad.

Dear Company-X!

It is not your fault. You just got it all wrong! Your future customer doesn't care for you, your office, your cars or your shiny website!

All your future customer cares for is a solution for his problem!

Give me a call, and I show you, what mistakes you make (sorry!), and how you can fix them.